Full service production support within your budget

  1. development of a sustainable concept
  2. defining models and lines
  3. design and sizing
  4. defining qualities and accessories
  5. sampling
  6. subcontracting and support the productions
  7. import and handling


  1. development of a sustainable concept

    During our first meeting we define your wishes and demands for your textiles such as comfort, safety, functionality, protection, …… and also the budget you want us to work with.

  2. Defining models and lines

    After the first stage we will translate that what we found out in the first stage into specific models which will also fit in your corporate image or existing lines. We also implement the necessary details to achieve the functionality as much as possible within the range of existing possibilities in the production.

  3. Design and sizing

    All details will be implemented into technical drawings so it ables you to get a fair view in how your models will look like. In this stage we also define the sizing of the clothes.

  4. Defining qualities  and accessories

    All details will be visualized. Quality of the fabric, color, buttons, zippers, logos, etc….  In this stage we can also calculate the final costing where you can still make changes if you want.

  5. Sampling

    After having all details available we will make production samples which will serve as a reference for avoiding mistakes and misunderstanding in all future productions. Even in this stage we still are able to make small corrections or adjustments.

  6. Subcontracting and support the productions

    Ofcourse we also manage the whole production process from beginning till the end. It does not matter if this takes place with our partners in Europe, the mid-East or the Far East. We control the progress up to shipment of your orders within the defined delivery time.

  7. Import and handling

    If necessary we even take care of the import of your goods till they are safe and well in your warehouse.